ProtonSea Lite Monsters NFTs

2 min readMar 30, 2021


I did it! After a few sleepless nights I finally managed to host my own version of the Monsters NTFs demo created by protonchain. See nft-demo on github.

See it live here:

This may seem a small step for many, but it was a like a hackaton for me. I must thank the protonchain developers, in particular Syed for answering all my questions and giving me support on the telegram dev chat, and for adding several examples on proton-examples on github.

My monsters collection (1st series) is based on the ones hosted on the Monsters NFT demo and thus I decided to sell them (for now) for FOOBAR. Prices may boom, so make sure to farm/earn enough FOOBAR to buy some of my rare monsters. You can claim 2000 FOOBAR every 60 minutes at foobar faucet.

I changed the colors to fit the pale color of my skin, which didn’t see much the sun in the last days, and I modified their name a bit, just for fun (thanks Eddie for helping naming them).

Disclaimer: use ProtonSea and Lite Monsters at your own risk and buy only if you are willing to risk to buy assets you may not be able to sell in other proton NFT marketplaces. The team announced to launch their NFT marketplace soon and I have no idea if my collections and my NFTs will be compatible with their system. We’ll see.

That said, stay tuned because I plan to publish more news soon.

Read also these interesting articles by Fred Krueger:

Here Fred also mentions that it’s cool that I cloned their project:

I’m happy about that and I hope that a collaboration with them will happen soon.